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Read About Caring For Aquarium Plants And Decorations

Caring for aquarium plants and decorations includes using the right tools, methods, and actually having the time to put them to good use. Well-chosen and cared for aquarium plants and decorations are also wonderful to look at, but the thing is, are you willing to sweat out for it when it comes to your own stuff?

Aquarium plants, just like your fish, require your tender loving care. You need to nurture and maintain them, and make sure your fish don't eat them to death. You will have to be more careful in choosing your substrate, as well, because aquarium plants require certain nutrients that can only be found in certain substrates. Also, aquarium plants tend to attract certain pests like snails, so careful maintenance is needed. Ample lighting is also needed should you go for real plants for photosynthetic purposes. Exposing your tank to sunlight is a good idea, but during nighttime, it will help is you use artificial light. Generally, 2-3 watts per gallon is an ideal lighting solution. Fluorescent lamps are the most practical and well-used lighting source.

Also remember that not all plants are suitable for aquarium use. Generally, water plants are suitable, but not so for household plants. Also, if you plan to change plants after sometime, then you would have to go through the same planting process again and allow sometime for your new plants to adapt to your tank's environment. If you don't have the time and patience to deal with all these nuances, then going for fake plants or decorations could be your best option. Caring for aquarium plants and decorations, then, won't be such a pain.

Moreover, choosing aquarium decorations is not just a matter of picking out what's pretty, it also has a lot to do with choosing what works. When deciding what will consist your aquarium, keep in mind that you will also be providing a safe refuge for your fish. An attractive aquarium that provides a safe place from harassment from other fish and one that is free of harmful materials is one that owners should be keeping an eye on.

Putting rocks in your aquarium is one of the most basic steps in decorating. You can adorn your aquarium with live rocks or non-living rocks, and you can easily create caves or nooks for your fish to hide or rest. Also remember to wash the rocks thoroughly before adding them to the aquarium. Some rocks like tuffa, limestone, and ocean rock, when not properly washed, may affect the water's pH level.

Corals also need to be washed thoroughly before putting in the aquarium. Ideally, you should soak these in a bucket of water for at least 48 hours before putting in the aquarium. This method also applies to sea shells: they need to be cleaned, bleached, and rinsed thoroughly before introducing to the aquarium.

Most artificial decorations are also completely safe for both freshwater and marine aquarium. They also require very little maintenance. Caring for aquarium plants and decorations can transform any aquarium into a natural looking aquatic habitat.

To put your decorative materials to full effect, you can also choose a theme for your aquarium. Having a thematic aquarium can even inspire you into caring for aquatic plants and decorations even more, knowing all the effort to put all those things together. You can easily choose an Amazonian theme, or a lake theme, or a brackish water theme, and won't have difficulty finding the right materials.