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Horse Breeds By Size

Horses are measured from the top of their withers to the ground and are measured in hands. Four inches are in a hand.

The pony stands 14.2 hands high (147cm, 58 inches), when at full growth. Any horse over 14.2 hands high is stated a horse and anything less is a pony, although there are exceptions. The physique and temperament is one of a horse. Miniature horses are the same as larger horses just a smaller rendition. Ponies present a thicker mane, tail, and body. They are also heavy boned. The ponies can be small similar to a medium dog. The miniature horse can be smaller than the pony. Their size makes them great for children, as a guide for the disabled and first-time horse owners. Light horses such as Paint horses, Thoroughbred horses, and Quarter horses, Arabian horses, and Morgan horse vary in their height. They can be anywhere from 14 hands high to 16 hands high and weigh between 850 pounds to 1500 pounds. Their body and stature helps them be quick. They are also great to show with their muscle and tone.