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Stopping Your Horse from Biting

Biting is a normal part of natural horse behavior. As young colts, horses play a game similar to tag with their mouths. They continue to go back and forth biting at each other. While this is an acceptable activity within the herd, it is a dangerous and bad habit for your horse to exercise with humans. This habit is more common in young horses, but older horses have been known to bite also. No matter what the cause or what the age, it is a habit that must be broken.

Horses may bite for a number of different reasons. It may begin as an apparently sweet nuzzle, it may be out of playfulness, curiosity, or resentment. Many horses that are hand fed treats develop a biting habit. That is why you should NOT hand feed your horse under any circumstances. No matter what the cause, you will need to be firm and in control to break this habit.