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Horse Trailer Training

As with everything involving horse ownership, patience is once again a necessary trait in teaching your horse to load into the trailer. It is important that you have already taught your horse a que to move forward. This que will make the process of loading much easier. Having a familiar, already mastered forward moving que will allow you and your horse to communicate without increasing the stress of the situation.

First, lead your horse to the trailer using your que. Let the horse stand there for a bit. This allows him to check things out and see that there is no danger. Your horse may sniff, or just stand and look at the trailer. Wait until the horse appears to relax. Your next step is to place one foot on the trailer. Chances are the horse will take his foot back down. Each time you place his foot on the trailer, rub his neck and verbally reward him. Make sure your voice is calm and steady. Eventually, he will leave his foot on the trailer. At this point, use the same process to get the other foot on the trailer. This may take quite a bit of time and possibly another person to assist, but be patient. Reward the horse with each positive movement.