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Taking in a Rescue Horse

Taking in a rescue horse can be a wonderful experience. Each day, there are unwanted horses waiting at with rescue groups for just the right home. Some groups or shelters specialize in particular breeds of horses, while others may have a variety of breed and ages.

One of the first decisions you must make when considering taking in a rescue horse is whether or not a specific breed is important to you. There are many groups that specialize in rescue and adoption of particular breeds of horses; check the Internet for a group near you. One of the easiest ways to find rescue groups is to type the breed name, followed by the word “rescue” into an Internet search engine. If breed is not important, you can simply search using the phrase “horse rescue.” It may take some time to find a group that is geographically close enough to you to make taking in a rescue horse feasible. A local equine vet or the staff at local stables may also be good resources for locating groups or individuals who have horses for adoption.