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Read About Choosing Bird Auto. Feed/Waterers

When selecting hangers or clamps for food and water cups, you should find ones that are either stainless steel or powder-coated, as they are less likely to contain dangerous toxins.

Things to Consider:

  • Keep Them Clean – Because they continually hold food and water, automatic feeders and waterers can develop residue build-up. You need to be sure they are cleaned frequently.

  • Adding Powders – If you add vitamin powder or other nutritional supplements to your bird´s water, the water should be changed every day, as some powders and supplements can start to go bad.

  • Tightly Fastened – To avoid unnecessary messes in your bird´s cage, you need to be sure feeders and waterers are fastened tightly to the horizontal bars on the cage, so they can´t slip or fall.