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Read About Baby Snapping Turtles

Baby Snapping Turtles are the young ones of the alligator snapping turtles. They are huge turtles which are known for their scaly shell and their habit of snapping at things. Everything you need to know about them is contained in this article.

Baby Snapping Turtles -- Facts

  1. Description:

    The baby snapping turtle grows up to become the alligator snapping turtle, which is biologically known as Macrochelys teminckii, the largest freshwater turtles in America.
  2. Varieties:

    The baby snapping turtle itself is a variety of the smaller snapping turtles. They are not divided further.
  3. History:

    The baby snapping turtles date back several hundreds of years in the American continent. Most of them evolved around regions in Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Georgia; but a few of them have also been found as far as Ontario in Canada.
  4. Physical Traits:

    Even at birth, the baby snapping turtles are very large in size and they have spiny shells. They have a large head and a thick tail and are grey, brown, black or olive green in color.
  5. Other Defining Characteristics:

    Despite their names, baby snapping turtles do not bite much, but do so only when provoked. These turtles are often covered with algal growths on their bodies.
  6. Habitat:

    Baby snapping turtles are predominantly aquatic creatures. They spend most of the lives under water, but females do come on the land to lay eggs.

Baby Snapping Turtles -- Concerns

  1. Benefits:

    The baby snapping turtle is a predator as well as a scavenger. Hence they keep population of aquatic pests under control, and clean up the dead carrion from under the water.
  2. Liabilities:

    When they are incited, baby snapping turtles can bite people. Due to their strong heads, they bites are very dangerous and can sometimes even be lethal.
  3. Health Issues:

    There are no major health issues. The turtle can live disease free up to 12 years.
  4. Specific Care Needs:

    Baby snapping turtles, though frequently used as pets, do not make good pets. These turtles are bulky in size and can bite quite painfully when angry. They are very dangerous to handle, especially by children.
  5. Reaction to Children and other Pets:

    These turtles are dangerous with children around. One bite of the turtle can even kill a child. They can even predate on pets like dogs and cats.
  6. Special Household Needs:

    You will need to have a big enough house with a large enclosure to keep the baby snapping turtle.

Baby Snapping Turtles - How to Choose

  1. What to Look for:

    You must look out for the shell. It is spiny and hard. The thickness of the shell will indicate the health of the turtle.
  2. Supplies:

    Baby snapping turtles are carnivorous. They will eat meat foods of any kind.
  3. Expense:

    Baby snapping turtles are quite cheap. You can get a pair of them for under $50.