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Read About Biting Reptile

It is possible for reptiles to be great pets, although the reptile can also be an aggressive animal. The act completely on instinct and have no problem biting to protect themselves. It is important to remember reptiles are wild animals. People capture the reptiles to be sold as a pet. The reptile is not a domesticated animal.

Reptiles react on instinct. Once in a while, the reptile reacts to stimulus. This is what causes them to strike.

Defensive aggression is in response to what a reptile thinks may be a threat to them. This is when someone moves swiftly around them. Startling reptiles will cause a defensive aggression.

When a reptile is territorial the reptile strike or bite when you crowd their space. A lot of the times, two male reptiles get aggressive when they are together. They both try to stake claim on the living environment. Depending on the type of reptile, the other male may or may not survive this aggression.

Offensive aggressive occurs with reptiles that are naturally pugnacious. These reptiles seem to know they are ill tempered, or quick to anger. Snapping turtles are and example of an offensive aggressive reptile. Some owners find this aggression entertaining.

Acquired aggression is the last type of aggression reptile hold. It occurs during sexual maturity. During breeding season the reptiles become restless and become very vicious. They seem to strike he keepers when they are not getting response from the other reptiles an/or are kept by individually during breeding season. It is a must for keepers to stay track while working with the reptiles.

Many mature reptiles need to be kept away from each other. Some also have to stay out of sight from the other reptiles. Mirrors should also not be in the view of these reptiles.

If a reptile does bite you for any reason, make sure to thoroughly clean the deep puncture made by the reptile. The reptiles carry bacteria that can cause the wound to become infected. If the reptile is venomous seek medical attention immediately.

Never discipline a reptile for acting on aggression. They are going on instinct. If you do react there is a greater chance of being bitten. Always focus and stay on track of what you are doing when working with reptiles.

Whatever the aggression is the reptile displays move slowly without quick movement will help prevent it from biting. Taking precautions for you and your reptile is the best policy in dealing with these aggressions.

Remember to see your doctor immediately. If you’re bitten by a venomous reptile and rinse the deep bite mark if the reptile was not venomous to prevent any possible infection.