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Buying a Bird from Pet Stores

Buying a bird from pet stores is one option available. Here are some things you need to know before you buy a bird. Before you purchase any pet, it is best to have some knowledge about the bird. Read and research everything you can to make this purchase a carefree and pleasant experience. After you have decided on a bird breed that you feel suits your lifestyle, find a reputable pet store in your area, if possible. There are things to look for when selecting a pet store. Cleanliness is most important. Does the pet store smell clean? Is the cage area maintained? Are there fresh vegetables or fruits available? How about the water and seed mix? Can the store employees answer your questions and are they interactive with the birds? If not, they won’t be too helpful when you actually get your pet home. How well do the birds get along? Do they act scared? Do they fly around frantically or are they calm and content? Keep in mind that an anxious bird will probably not be easily trained once you arrive home. Is the cage too full with birds? If it is too crowded then that can become a breeding ground for diseases, because birds from a lot of breeders are put together. Also, check to see if large birds are in adequate cages. Birds need to flap their wings. If that isn’t possible, that is abuse. Do not buy from that store. If you believe that the store meets your expectations, then find out how the babies were fed. Handfed is preferred. If this is your first bird, ask questions. If you have other birds at home, a separate cage for this new pet is needed for at least 6 weeks to prevent spreading of any disease the new bird might bring home. Buying a bird from a pet store should be a pleasant experience, but please take your time and maybe visit several times before you actually buy. The buying of a bird can be a commitment of 10, 20, 30 or more years depending on the breed. The expense in time and money can also be quite large. The bird you chose deserves to be loved and cared for as a part of your house hold, office or family. It is important to know you have the time, desire, money and environment for this pet. Buying a bird from pet stores may prove to be one of your best decisions.