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Deciding to Adopt or Buy a Bird

Deciding to Adopt or Buy a Bird is a very big decision and there are important facts to consider before you do. Before you go to buy or adopt a bird, it is highly recommended that you do some research. You will want to have made an assessment of your lifestyle and environment to be sure a bird would fit in. A bird will require a lot of time, attention, and care. Other things to consider before deciding to adopt or buy a bird would be for example; do you want a bird that can be quite noisy, or do you prefer things quiet? Anyone in the household have an allergy to birds? Do you want a talking bird or singing bird? Do you want a companion who you interact with, or an independent bird who is content to spend all day in a cage? How much time do you have to devote to this pet? Where will this pet be contained? Will you have the means to provide care for 10, 20 or 30 years? Yes, birds can live very many years in a healthy, caring environment. Once you know the type of bird, you will want to search for an ideal pet for you. Pet stores on line or in your hometown have many choices for you. Also, there are havens or humane leagues that have birds to adopt. I believe you should physically observe any bird you wish to buy, if at all possible. Take your time observing the bird and the surroundings. Notice if the area is clean. Cleanliness is most important. Was the bird handfed? If adopting a bird, you also want some history to know why the bird was given to the shelter. If the bird suffered from neglect or abuse, it could cause behavior problems. Is the bird moving around, eating, flying, or watching you with interest? If the bird is anxious, or just sitting indifferent to the surroundings, do not adopt or buy it. Talk to someone about it because the bird could be ill. Of course before you bring a pet bird home, have the health records from an aviary vet, and documents providing any medication or inoculations the bird received. Purchase the right size cage before you bring the pet home. The birdcage needs to be adequate for the bird to fly in and hop around. Have at least two perches, a food and water container, and perhaps a bath house with clean water, attached to the cage. A couple toys to start with is nice. Choose a bright, draft free place for the cage. Have a good aviary vet number handy for any questions, and you are all set. Whether you are deciding to adopt or buy from a pet store, by researching before you do will lead to a happy situation for everyone involved.