Read About Bird Cage Wire

The bird cage wire used to construct your bird's cage is an important component of putting together a sturdy bird cage. Here's all you need to know about bird cage wire.

Safety is key

The whole purpose of bird cage wire is to construct an effective cage that will keep your bird safe and out of harm's way. Bird cage wire keeps the bird in and protects if predators. To keep your bird safe, get a cage that has bird cage wire that does not have loose paint and is not painted with any material that might be toxic to your bird. You do not want to have to deal with a bird that gets sick from eating paint chips.

The number one rule you need to remember when you're looking for a bird cage is to find the largest cage possible for the size of your bird. Remember that birds were born to fly around, but instead, they're going to be confined to a cage. To keep them happy and allowed them to exercise, get the largest cage with good bird cage wire for your bird.

However, make sure that when you're looking for a large cage, you get the right cage for your animal. For example, it would be pointless to get a large cage for small birds, like love birds, that has bird cage wire that's large enough to let the birds escape.

Bird cage wire can be fun

Bird cage wire is, amazingly, a source of entertainment for your bird. Small birds like cages that have bird cage wire that is close together. It really helps if the bird cage wire for a small bird travels both horizontally and vertically because the little birds use the cross wire to climb around the cage. Without crossing bird cage wire, the little bird will slide down the cage rather than being able to climb up it.

Bird cage wire is also fun for large birds, they just use it differently. Large birds can also climb up the bird cage wire, but sometimes they derive the greatest entertainment from the wire when they're on the outside of the cage. Macaws and other birds of the parrot family will use the bird cage wire for entertainment when they're actually on the outside of the cage. Sometimes these birds will stop at the end of the opening on their cage and swing themselves to an upside down position.

Do I always have to be concerned about bird cage wire?

Yes. Essentially all bird cages have bird cage wire. Some cages have plastic components, but the plastic is usually saved for construction of the droppings tray or the bottom of the cage where the bird won't be tempted to pick at it. Bird cage wire needs to be inspected before you purchase the cage.