Read About Bird Control

Proper bird control will keep your pet bird safe and your house clean. Here's all you need to know about bird control.

What does bird control mean?

Bird control means maintaining your bird and its surroundings to keep the bird safe and ensure that your bird and your family live well together. If you don't practice proper bird control, your bird can get into plenty of trouble. It could be attacked by the house cat, the pet dog, fly into a window and stun itself, fly out of a window or land in water and drown.

What better way to keep your bird from flying into something or landing in a bad place than clipping its wings? The most effective form of bird control is clipping your birds wings. Clipping a bird's wings keeps it from flying. It keeps the bird's wings short enough that when it attempts to fly, it goes to the ground.

Should bird control be left to a professional?

This is really a personal preference. Many people, especially first time bird owners, don't feel comfortable clipping their bird's wings. Some people actually think it's a cruel form of bird control, though it doesn't physically hurt the bird. It just impedes its ability to move about freely.

However, if you want to save some money and have confidence that you can follow some pretty basic instructions, you might want to consider clipping your bird's wings yourself. Just keep in mind that it's incredibly important to clip a bird's wings correctly if you want good use of bird control.

In order to use clipping as an effective form of bird control, the first thing you need to remember is to clip the bird's wings after its learned to fly. Birds that have their wings clipped after they've learned to fly have a better sense of body control. When they get their wings clipped, they have a better understanding of how to land correctly so they're less likely to hurt themselves than a bird that didn't learn to fly before getting clipped. A bird that doesn't know how to fly and then gets clipped, may have a more disastrous fall to the floor than one that knew how to fly first.

Are their other ways to implement bird control?

The easiest way to implement bird control is to keep your bird in a cage. Obviously this is a great way to maintain bird control, but keep in mind that even though you're bird lives in a cage, it will have to be let out when the cage needs a throughout cleaning.

Because you're bird will have to leave its cage at some point, it's good to maintain bird control by keeping the bird's wings clipped. That way when you have to remove it from the cage, you can safely move it to another location while the cage is being cleaned while keeping well defined bird control.