Read About Cleaning Your Pond

There are several reasons I can give you as to why cleaning your pond is beneficial and crucial. The number one reason is that it is a great way to ensure that your pond and the wildlife within it are in tip top shape. Cleaning your pond will not be an easy or exciting task but somebody has to do it, right? Luckily, this only needs to be done about twice a year. So, go ahead and get those cleaning supplies ready to go because this is going to get dirty.

There are Imageseveral things you are going to need to make cleaning your pond worthwhile. You might want to get some gloves and boots, gardening scissors, a net, if you have fish, a place to hold your fish, a hose and a 'ready to get messy' attitude.

Now you can do this in any order you please, just make sure it is an efficient one. You are going to need to clean your filters and then transport your fish over to some sort of holding tank. Try and make sure the tank is large and comfortable enough for them to hang out in for a couple of hours.

Next, go ahead and drain your pond and turn off your entire system. If you have any plants or water lilies to be removed then put those in the holding tank as well. Clean off any thing in your pond such as rocks and set them aside. Then pull out the wet vacuum and suck up and extra muck or goo that has collected since the last time you attempted cleaning your pond.

Then clean off any algae that you see, anywhere! Once you have followed Imagethese steps, you are almost done cleaning your pond. Clean your plants up and make any necessary changes or adjustments. Then you may begin refilling your pond. Once you get your water back to its correct temperature you can begin placing your fish back in there home. Now you can turn your entire system back on. Ok, all done! Doesn’t it feel great to have a sparkling clean pond?

Everyone knows that cleaning your pond isn’t the most thrilling experience and it most likely dreaded by all. But unfortunately it has to be done! Just keep in mind that your pond was an investment and a beautiful addition. By cleaning your pond, you safeguard your investment and ensure that it will be around for many, many years.