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Choosing Pond Wildlife

Choosing Pond Wildlife depends on the atmosphere of your pond and the life forms you choose to put in the pond. Here’s everything you need to know about Choosing Pond Wildlife.

The first step to Choosing Pond Wildlife is getting wildlife attracted to your pond. Newts, frogs and toads will come to your pond if the pond is created during the spring, which is when they spawn. These animals are also attracted to muddy, moist areas so add a pile of mud next to the pond and throw in some bugs. These creatures love bugs. They also love shelter, which can be created by putting an array of greenery around the pond. Tall native grasses create sufficient shelter for smaller creatures. This environment is also a great way to attract dragonflies and other insects, which attract birds. If you’re interested in bigger animals, such as a fox, make sure you build a pond that is shallow. These animals shy away from steep ponds that they can fall into.

If you’re really set on bringing smaller wildlife to your pond, don’t put fish in the pond. Fish eat the smaller wildlife. If you want to draw the big animals, add fish but understand that they might fall prey to the bigger animals. To attract bigger animals, build the pond far from the house so the big animals don’t get scared off by humans. A variety of sun and shade is attractive to both large and small animals.