Read About Pond Fountain Construction

A fountain adds beauty and interest to a pond and also facilitates aeration. Here's are the basics of Pond Fountain Construction.

Keep the Scale in Mind

To decide what size and type of fountain to choose you need to consider the scale of the pond and surrounding area as well as the proportion and the style. Remember that your fountain is a feature of the pond, not a focal point. Natural style fountains complement informal ponds and more formal, stylized fountains complement formal architecture. To decide on the pump size, determine how many gallons are in your pond and choose a pump that will re-circulate at least half the volume each hour.

Pond Electrical Safety

If you don't have a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet nearby, have an electrician install one for your fountain. If you have a large pond, be sure to place the pond in a part of the pond that's easily accessible for maintenance. It's important to raise the fountain up off the floor of the pond to reduce the amount of debris that is sucked into the fountain pump. A terracotta pot can come in handy here. Just turn it upside down and put the fountain pump on top of it. You may also use concrete blocks for added height. After you plug the fountain in, if the cord has to cross the lawn, make a slice in the sod and tuck the cord into it.

Adjust the fountain to low and turn it on. You can then slowly move the pump level up until it is where you want it. Have someone help you determine whether all the spray is going back into the pond to determine the optimal pump level.