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Pond Wildlife Breeders

Pond Wildlife Breeders are harder to come by than other pond breeders because many states regulate wildlife breeding. Here's all you need to know about Pond Wildlife Breeders.

Wildlife Breeding Is Regulated

Breeding wildlife is not as easy as breeding household pets because it's regulated by state and federal governments. It's easier to create a breeding friendly environment for pond wildlife than it is to find Pond Wildlife Breeders.

You Can Be Your Own Breeder

How can you breed your own wildlife? Create a breeding atmosphere for the pond wildlife that you want to attract. Smaller wildlife, such as newts, toads, frogs and insects, look for rocks, logs and tall grass when seeking out a breeding environment. They also like a variety of sun and shade so make sure the pond provides a little of both.

Larger wildlife, such as birds, look for areas where they can nest. Animals look for friendly breeding environments and if you create one, the animals will breed without any direct contact from you.

Keep Out Predators

Another way to attract animals and amphibians to the pond so they breed, is by keeping out natural predators. Bigger animals such as foxes and raccoons do not like ponds that drop off at the bank. To keep these animals out, make the entrance to the pond steep. You can also put a net over the pond, but this doesn't always deter animals from entering the pond and can cause animals to get stuck.