Read About The Best Lizards for Children

Reptile enthusiasts have known for years that lizards can be great pets but what are the best lizards for children?

Hands down, there are two kinds of lizards which are incredible pets for children. The first is the Leopard Gecko. The second is the famed Bearded Dragon. These lizards are gentle in nature and relatively easy to care for, which makes them an obvious choice for children’s pets. They also don’t mind being held. Before getting a pet lizard for your family, it is imperative that you have a good reference guide on lizards to refer to whenever you have a question. It is also a wonderful gift for a child, since they will be able to sit down and read it and process all the information inside. Having knowledge makes both adults and children smart lizard keepers.

Leopard Geckos are attractive and hardy lizards whose physical appearance makes them a popular choice for new lizard owners. They have a leopard-like look and their faces offer up what looks like a bit of a smile. Once they are accustomed to their new surroundings, it is important that you begin to handle your pet so he will get used to being touched by humans before you allow your child to hold him. That way, when you do allow your child to handle the lizard, he is less likely to jump or run away. Their nutritional needs are limited to a few live crickets every couple of days. It is best to look into a good supplement in powder form to sprinkle over the crickets prior to feeding time so you can maximize the nutrients getting into your lizard. You can expect your Leopard Gecko to reach about a foot or so in length at maturity.

Another fabulous lizard choice for kids is the Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons reach about eight inches or so in length at adulthood and are also relatively easy to feed and maintain. An adult Bearded Dragon will be happy to live in a ten gallon tank, preferably alone, as they can become stressed if housed with other lizards. They too enjoy fortified crickets for dinner. Children will be delighted to hold a Bearded, but the lizard should be allowed to warm up to everyone in the family slowly to limit his anxiety. These lizards move relatively easy and are not great jumpers.

Choosing lizards for kids can be easy if you know what to expect. Educate yourself and your children prior to bringing home a new lizard and make sure you have the proper equipment to keep them healthy and happy. After reading up a bit, you’ll soon learn why Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons are the best lizards for children.