Read About Garden Snake

The garden Snake is a small reptile that often scares off visitors to your garden, but they are really harmless to people. Everything you need to know about them is contained in this article.

Garden Snake - Facts

  1. Description:

    The garden snake is often a scary garden visitor when found in your garden. They are small snakes that often show up just when you least expect them, but they are rather harmless. In fact, they are good for your garden because they may serve to scare rodents and other pests away.
  2. Varieties:

    There are many different varieties of garden snakes out there. They will vary in size, coloring, and behavior.
  3. History:

    These snakes have been around for a long time. They seem to be very resilient reptiles and often show up just when you think you might not see.
  4. Physical Traits:

    The garden snake has the typical slither of a snake due to the lack of bones in the body. They also have the traditional "scaly" feel of a snake because of their structure.
  5. Other Defining Characteristics:

    These garden snakes might hiss at you, but they are fairly harmless as long as you do not provoke them.
  6. Habitat:

    These snakes slither around on the ground in areas where they can find low vegetation and a lot of bugs and other creatures for snacking.

Garden Snake - Concerns

  1. Benefits:

    The benefit of having these snakes is that they may reduce the number of pests that ruin the plants in your garden.
  2. Liabilities:

    Many people do not like snakes, so be prepared for visitors to make a hasty retreat if one puts in an appearance.
  3. Health Issues:

    These snakes are rather resilient and do not have many specific health issues that need concern.
  4. Specific Care Needs:

    These snakes need to be fed regularly and given access to moisture on a regular basis.
  5. Reaction to Children and other Pets:

    These snakes might hiss or act frightened. They will most likely not bite kids or other pets.
  6. Special Household Needs:

    These snakes are really best for the outdoors, but if you do keep one inside, you will need to have a cage to keep it safe and away from rough children or pets.

Garden Snake - How to Choose

  1. What to Look for:

    You should look for a snake that is small enough to fit in the type of cage you have available. You can also choose the snake based on its colorings or size or any other interesting features.
  2. Supplies:

    You will need a cage for the indoor Garden snake, food, and equipment for cleaning the snake's cage,
  3. Expense:

    It should not be too expensive to care for these snakes since you can find many meals and snacks for them right in your own back yard.