Read About Worlds Largest Snake

New Record for Worlds Largest Snake is the Anaconda that has been measured to be around 37 feet. Everything you need to know about it is contained in this article.

New Record for Worlds Largest Snake - Facts

  1. Description:

    The Anaconda can be said the largest snake in the world with the officially recorded snake being around 37 feet in length.
  2. Varieties:

    The most common species of the Anaconda are the Green Anaconda and the Yellow Anaconda. Apart from these there are two other types of Anacondas, Dark Spotted Anaconda and the Bolivian Anaconda.
  3. History:

    Among all the Anacondas the Green Anaconda is considered the largest. Anaconda snakes belong to the Boa family. These snakes are usually found in the forests of South America and also on the Trinidad Island.
  4. Physical Traits:

    The average length of the Anaconda snake is around 25 feet and the Green Anaconda can weigh around 550 pounds.
  5. Other Defining Characteristics:

    These snakes are extremely large and they are non venomous. Anaconda snakes don't have fangs.
  6. Habitat:

    Anaconda snakes are usually found in swamps and rivers of dense forests.

New Record for Worlds Largest Snake - Concerns

  1. Benefits:

    These snakes are very large and this makes them very interesting and attractive.
  2. Liabilities:

    The large size and weight of these snakes makes them difficult to raise them as pets. Feeding them can be difficult as they eat heavy amounts of food and you might even have to feed them pigs. Anacondas are very aggressive and this makes them quite dangerous to deal with.
  3. Health Issues:

    Green Anacondas are know to suffer from blister disease. Another skin problem that can occur in Anacondas is the necrotic dermatitis.
  4. Specific Care Needs:

    You should know everything about an Anaconda before adopting it. Make sure the enclosure is properly cleaned regularly and the snake is provided with clean and fresh water.
  5. Reaction to Children and other Pets:

    Anacondas are aggressive and can attack even without provocation. Make sure you supervise your child properly near an Anaconda enclosure.
  6. Special Household Needs:

    You will need an enclosure like a reptile cage for keeping the snake.

New Record for Worlds Largest Snake - How to Choose

  1. What to Look for:

    The snake you buy should be well fed and it should not have any skin problems like blister disease.
  2. Supplies:

    You will have to get a good amount of meat in the form of mice, frogs and pigs. You will also have to buy an enclosure for the snake.
  3. Expense:

    Anacondas can cost from $125 to $250. Maintenance is quite expensive as these snakes eat a large amount of food.