Read About Pre Trip Reptile Veterinary Visit

If you must travel and take your pet with you, make sure you know what to expect at your pre trip reptile veterinary visit.

Your veterinarian will know many things regarding the safe transport of reptiles, but you will need to provide him with information on your trip. You will need to tell him how long you will be gone, where you are going and by what method you will be traveling. If you are driving, you may need to meet the requirements of everyplace along the way to your destination. Make sure you plan for your pet’s veterinary needs well in advance of your trip. When you call to make your appointment, tell the office staff everything you can about your trip that way they can let the doctor know and he will be able to provide you with a comprehensive appointment to cover all the areas that need to be addressed. He might need to do some research on locations to provide you with any necessary tests or certificates.

Depending on the age and species of your animal there will be a battery of tests to be done, including the physical examination. Expect blood tests, careful examination of the skin, mouth, eyes, physical structure and possibly more. If your vet needs to keep your pet over night or for a couple of days to observe him, they will let you know. All of these things are in place as protective measures. They ensure the health of other animals as well as yours. They may be a pain, but they are what you need to do as a responsible reptile lover.

Ask questions of your veterinarian regarding travel with your animal’s species. See if there are any special tricks he knows of to make things easier for you and your reptile. Sometimes a vet may prescribe a tranquilizer for animals who will be traveling, but that decision is up to the two of you. Ask him if he knows any techniques to help you keep your animal in a calmer state of mind during travel, since stress is known to trigger illness in reptiles.

Note that even getting your reptile to the veterinarian could be a struggle if your pet is a larger species of lizard or snake. Take that into account when making travel arrangements too. If you think you might have a hard time or will need help, ask if your vet’s office provides loading assistance. If not, ask about house calls. Many tests and samples can be done in just about any environment.

Take your pet into consideration when making travel arrangements. Meet with your veterinarian to ensure everything is in good order and always as questions at your pre trip reptile veterinary visit.