Read About Safely Transporting Your Amphibian

Safely transporting your amphibian should be important to the average frog owner. After all, we love our pets and we should want them to be comfortable and secure when we have to take them places with us.

Transporting an amphibian is much easier than the transport of many other animal species. Most frogs and toads are still manageable, even when they are at their largest. Make sure you have a book to refer to that is geared to your animal’s species. This will help you with many aspects of pet ownership. It can give you hints to use to make the transport easier for both you and your pet.

After the book, consider whether your amphibian is aquatic, terrestrial or semi-terrestrial. That will play a major role in moving your pet. Obviously, an aquatic will need enough water to completely submerse the animal’s entire body. You will need a terrarium large enough to give him a little room in which to move around. It is likely that you might need a deep one if you have a larger frog. If you are traveling a great distance, make sure you have everything you will need to thoroughly clean the cage from time to time to prevent illness. If you have a terrestrial amphibian, your job will be a little easier. Your toad may only need a damp rag in the terrarium to keep the humidity level up. Give him some greenery to hang out in and he will likely be quite happy. A semi-terrestrial will need a little water, so a quarter of an inch or less may be just enough for him. He too would like a place to hide, so give him someplace to do so.

For any amphibian which must be moved you must always consider the possibility that he can escape. When placing him in or taking him out of his travel enclosure you will need to use extra caution. Doing this in a small room without much furniture, like a bathroom with a closed toilet and a plugged sink and shower/tub will be greatly helpful if he tries to make a jump for it. It is one extra layer of security for you both.

Also important is the temperature of the car in which you will travel. Just because it feels fine to you doesn’t mean it feels good to him too. Other than Fire Bellied Frogs, most will need a little warmth to stay happy. It will need to be warmer than is normally comfortable for humans.

If you are heading out for a long trip, make sure you have all the necessary health documentation you might need. Check with your vet and tell him where you are going and how long you are staying. Ask if he can recommend a vet at your destination and if he has any hints on how to make your frog or toad more comfortable.

Safely transporting your amphibian doesn’t have to be a big deal, but you do have to be prepared.