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Scared Small Pet

Scared small pet is often a difficult problem for which to find a solution. It may not necessarily mean that your pet has suffered any type of abuse, though that certainly is a possibility. When you have a scared small pet, the first thing that you should do is to try to determine why your animal is scared. Has he acted that way ever since you first owned him? Did you acquire your pet when he was a baby, or did you acquire him when he was several months, or even a few years, old? Once you have answered these initial questions, it should lead you in a good direction towards figuring out what may be wrong with your pet. If you have been your pet's only owner, then you will have less investigating to do in order to unravel the mystery.

When faced with a scared small pet, most pet owners immediately assume that their pet has been abused in some way. This is certainly possible, particularly if you have not been the sole owner of your pet for his entire life. If your pet begins acting scared, try reassuring him. Be especially gentle and nurturing with your pet, and see if that seems to help him adjust over the next several days. If all of your reassurances do not seem to help, then it would most likely be best for you to contact your veterinarian. After your pet has been examined, you and your veterinarian can discuss potential treatment options that may be best for your scared small pet.

Another possibility that you may have to consider when analyzing your scared small pet, is that he may be suffering from some type of emotional or developmental disorder. If this is the case, then you will not be able to figure this out on your own. Consult with your animal's veterinarian for a complete examination. The veterinarian should be able to diagnose such problems for you, and he will also be able to offer treatments that may help your pet to become more socialized and outgoing. Do not be put off if your veterinarian suggests behavior modification therapy, or something along those lines. Animal behavior modification training can be quite beneficial for your pet, and it may be the only way to help your animal to overcome his fears.

If you have a scared small pet, please have him examined by a trusted veterinarian to ensure that he receives the best possible treatment.