Read About Small Pet Parasites

Although we often think of only cats and dogs being susceptible to parasites, small pets can suffer from infestations too. Here's what you need to know about Small Pet Parasites.

External Parasites

Fleas can live on most any animal with fur and your little critter is no exception. If you suspect your pet has fleas because he seems to be scratching a lot or you've actually spotted the little buggers, head on down to your local pet store or order online for some small animal flea powder. The fleas don't live on your pet, they are hiding out in the bedding and using your pet as a snack bar. Read the flea powder directions carefully and use as directed. If your little furry guy is showing signs of dry, scaly skin and hair loss, he may be suffering from demodectic mange, a nasty-looking problem caused by tiny mites on the skin. A visit to the veterinarian is in order for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Internal Parasites

Small animals can harbor intestinal parasites so keep an out for symptoms of tapeworms or pinworms in your furry friend. Tapeworm infections often result in weight loss, although your pet will still be eating well. Take note that tapeworms in small animals can be passed to humans so always carefully wash your hands after handling your little guy.

If he seems to be scratching furiously at his bottom, he may have pinworms. Although they cannot spread to humans it should still be treated. Take your little pet to the veterinarian if you suspect any type of internal parasites.