Read About Baby Chinchilla for Sale

Baby chinchillas for sale can be found in a variety of places, including the Internet. Here's everything you need to know about them.

Baby chinchilla for sale -- Reasons and Facts

  1. Why Buy:

    A baby chinchilla makes a beautiful, long lasting pet. With a life span that is often over 20 years, a baby chinchilla can be a wonderful addition to the home.
  2. What Pet to Purchase:

    Before purchasing a baby chinchilla it is important to consider several factors such as your lifestyle and temperament. Baby chinchillas can make terrific pets for the right person. They are very intelligent and may be taught tricks and verbal commands. Some baby chinchillas enjoy being held more than others. Temperament is determined by the baby chinchilla's rearing and also by genetics.
  3. When to Buy:

    A baby chinchilla for sale may be purchased when they are about six to eight weeks old.

Baby chinchilla for sale-- Where to Look

  1. Online:

    There are many online websites that have listings for a baby chinchilla for sale. The Internet is an invaluable resource for finding a baby chinchilla.
  2. Classifieds:

    Classified ads in local and regional newspapers may provide some leads in finding a baby chinchilla for sale.
  3. Pet Shows:

    Pet shows are often a very profitable source of valuable information when searching for a baby chinchilla for sale.
  4. Local Vet:

    Talk with your local veterinarian who may have information about owners who have a baby chinchilla for sale.

Baby chinchilla for sale-- What to Look For

  1. Pet Temperament:

    A baby chinchilla is generally a nervous animal and is not considered a good pet for young children. They are very clever and may be trained to do tricks. Some baby chinchilla enjoy being held more than others. Temperament is determined by the genetics and upbringing of the animal.
  2. Pet's Surroundings:

    A baby chinchilla should be kept in a cage with ample room. They like perches, exercise wheels, and other boxes.
  3. Pet's Health:

    As a baby chinchilla can not sweat, it should be kept in an air conditioned area. They also require a special diet formula for chinchillas. A baby chinchilla cleans its fur by rolling in a dust bath, preferably one with processed sand made from pumice.
  4. What to Avoid:

    Avoid red cedar bedding because it is toxic to the animal. Pine shavings that are not very fine are acceptable. Also avoid getting a baby chinchilla wet, as this can cause ringworm.

Baby chinchilla for sale-- How to Choose

  1. Type of Pet:

    When thinking of purchasing a baby chinchilla, it is important to determine whether the animal will be suitable to your lifestyle and temperament. Chinchillas can make wonderful pets, but require special care and handling.
  2. Supplies & Equipment:

    When purchasing a baby chinchilla, you will need special supplies and equipment. A large cage with an exercise wheel, perch, and or other spaces for the animal is a must. Fine processed powder for dust bathing is also needed. Chinchillas require a special diet, usually food formulated especially for chinchillas. In addition, various supplies for maintenance and upkeep of habitats and animals may be needed. Check with your local pet store or veterinarian to be sure you have all the supplies and equipment you need to purchase a baby chinchilla.
  3. Expense:

    The price of a baby chinchilla varies, depending upon the breed and coloring of the animal. Often, a baby chinchilla for sale can be purchased relatively inexpensively for about $50.