Read About Buy Sugar Glider

Buy sugar glider -- Reasons and Facts

  1. Why Buy:

    If you plan to buy a sugar glider make sure you have plenty of time and attention to give to this pet. A sugar glider is a very social animal and will mutilate itself if ignored or left alone too long.
  2. What Pet to Purchase:

    If you want to buy a sugar glider it would be helpful to read up on them first. They can require a lot of extra time and attention. Also providing the right diet for a sugar glider can be challenging.
  3. When to Buy:

    Don't buy a sugar glider if you are a busy person who works a lot or is gone from home a lot as sugar gliders need lots of social interaction.

Buy sugar glider -- Where to Look

  1. Online:

    You can find sugar gliders for sale over the Internet. There are many reputable breeders. There are also numerous places online where you can adopt a sugar glider.
  2. Classifieds:

    Occasionally you will find sugar gliders for sale in the classifieds. There are also many sugar gliders available for adoption.
  3. Pet Shows:

    Sometimes you can find sugar gliders at exotic pet auctions.
  4. Local Vet:

    Many times your local vet will know of the best places to buy sugar gliders.

Buy sugar glider -- What to Look For

  1. Pet Temperament:

    Although sugar gliders have a sweet personality, they do have teeth and will bite if they are scared or startled.
  2. Pet's Surroundings:

    A sugar glider needs a lot of space. They are gliders and will thrive in a large cage where they can glide around.
  3. Pet's Health:

    Sugar gliders can eat a wide variety of things, but there are certain things that cause serious illness and death.
  4. What to Avoid:

    Never feed your sugar glider garlic, onions, broccoli, lima beans, candy, chocolate, or nuts. Also never give your glider any outside insects or branches as these may have pesticides on them.

Buy sugar glider -- How to Choose

  1. Type of Pet:

    Sugar Gliders are a great type of pet to own, but they are not for everyone. They require a lot of attention and are very social animals.
  2. Supplies & Equipment:

    Choose a large cage for your glider. Feed a combination of fruit/veggies and protein sources. A vitamin supplement to increase the Calcium/Phosphorus ratio is also needed. Bugs are an integral part of their diet. This includes mealworms and wax worms.
  3. Expense:

    Sugar gliders can be expensive. They usually run around $200.00 USD.