Read About Choosing a Small Pet Rescue

Choosing a rescue small pet is a really noble thing to do because it gives abandoned animals a home.

The advantages of choosing a rescue small pet

Small pets such as rats, guinea pigs and hamsters do not walk up to small pet rescues and asked to be taken in. And, because they’re such small animals, they’re usually not found wandering around lost in a city like a dog or a cat. Small animals usually end up in small pet rescues because their owners don’t want them. Sadly, some pet owners just abandon their small pets. They leave them behind when they move or decide to stop caring for them. In this situation, the small pet rescue usually gets wind of the abandonment and retrieves the animal. More commonly, small pets are taken to small pet rescues when a small pet unexpectedly has a litter. So, when you’re choosing a rescue small pet over a pet store or a pet breeder, you’re opting to take care of an animal that wouldn’t have had a home.

Choosing a rescue small pet is usually cheaper than choosing to buy your pet from a pet store or breeder. Most small pet rescues are non profit and do not jack up their pet prices to make a profit. They try to set very reasonable prices so that the animals they care for are adopted. Small animal rescues will also neuter or spay your small pets so you don’t end up being the one taking a litter to a small pet rescue!

One more advantage to choosing a rescue small pet is that you can find tons of baby animals. New pet owners, especially those with kids, love baby animals. Because small pet rescues get litters of new babies, they usually have a lot of babies on hand.

How to find your small pet rescue

Unfortunately, choosing a rescue small pet isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Small pet rescues are not as common as large animal shelters. There are a couple reasons for this. One, small pets don’t escape and get lost in the outdoors like larger animals. Also, these pets don’t have long life spans like cats and dogs so when they’re with a family, they’re only there for a few years. This means they have less time to escape or be abused.

When you’re ready for choosing a rescue small pet, look in your phone book or on the Internet for a small pet shelter. If you can’t find one, call you local large animal shelter. They may be able to tell you where to go for choosing a rescue small pet.