Read About Small Pet Mourning

Small Pet Mourning can be a difficult process. Here’s everything you need to know about saying goodbye.

The First Step

When your pet dies, it’s a sad time and can lead to strong emotions. Small Pet Mourning is an important part of dealing with these emotions. This process is similar to mourning a human’s death, and can be made special with prayers, poems and dedications as part of a simple ceremony. Try to find out your small pet’s cause of death. It may be easier to cope when you know old age was the cause and not a premature death involving a virus or toxins.

The Second Step

Let your friends and relatives know about your loss. These people can often offer support, making the Small Pet Mourning process easier to bear. Explain to your children that animals generally don't live as long as people, and that losing a pet is a normal and natural part of the life cycle. Think about collecting your pet’s items, like favorite toys, or a special blanket for keepsakes or burial items. You and your children might also enjoy making a scrapbook to honor your lost friend.

The Third Step

If a simple ceremony is appealing to you, plan a burial and invite family, friends and children. Many people opt for their backyard as a burial place because it makes them feel close by the pet that is no longer with them, but there are also pet cemeteries specifically designed for beloved pets. Remember that it's okay to feel sad, but if unbearable grief continues for an excessively long time, you might want to ask a professional grief counselor for some help in getting over the loss.