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Dog Socialization

Dog socialization is crucial to your pooch’s development. Here’s everything you need to know about the subject.

Dog Socialization for Every Dog

While dogs have been domesticated for centuries, they still have a bit of the wild in their genes. They aren’t born trusting humans; they learn it early on in their life. Dog socialization is a technique that often happens naturally, but owners should be aware of the process and help to strengthen it in their dogs.

A dog who is often around other animals, other dogs, and people will learn that new situations and creatures aren’t things to be feared. They’ll learn that the world is full of exciting things and look forward to meeting new people and children.

A dog who hasn’t been socialized at crucial stages in her life will be fearful fearful of new environments and new people. She may act out in her fear, barking, biting, or growling at every new shadow that approaches.

You can your dog's socialization by bringing her out into the world, carefully introducing her to the neighborhood children and dogs. Don’t force her all at once; if she’s afraid, start slowly. But she needs to learn that every new situation isn’t something dangerous or scary.

If you’re having a hard time socializing your dog, you can always consult a professional trainer. These experts have plenty of experience in the techniques, and can help your pooch along in her quest to dog socialization.

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