Read About Small Pet Collapsing When Held

Small pet collapsing when held is generally a serious issue that should be addressed with your pet's healthcare provider right away. When you notice small pet collapsing when held, it can be attributed to numerous conditions. One of the more serious, and most common conditions, is Brachycephalic Syndrome. This is actually a group of upper respiratory diseases commonly found in dogs. Upper respiratory diseases and infections are common among other small pets, as well. If you notice that your pet is exhibiting any breathing abnormalities, have him checked out by your veterinarian right away.

Small pet collapsing when held could also be an indicator of a chest or rib injury. Such injuries could be related to sickness or disease, or your pet may have somehow hurt himself. If your pet begins walking gingerly or hobbling, it is likely that he has gotten hurt. Unless you are expertly familiar with treating your pet, it is highly recommended that you not attempt treating him yourself. Even if you believe that your pet merely has a bruise or other ailment that is easily treated at home, you should not attempt to take care of the matter on your own. Take your pet to your veterinarian so that he can be properly x-rayed and examined. Small pet collapsing when held can also be an indicator of an obstruction in your animal's breathing passages. If you notice any type of whistling, snorting, or wheezing sounds, be sure to have your pet examined by his veterinarian. It is best to have such anomalies checked out as quickly as possible, because airway obstructions can rapidly turn into a very serious matter if left untreated for an extended period of time.

Small pet collapsing when held may, in some circumstances, indicate that your pet has broken or slightly fractured a bone. If he collapses when held, it could mean that he may have injured a bone in his leg, or perhaps even cracked a rib. If your pet yells or whimpers when you touch a certain area, be very cautious about not only touching him in that general area, but also about allowing him to put pressure on the area. Carry your pet, if necessary, to keep him from injuring himself any further, and take him to your veterinarian for x-rays and examination. Always use the utmost care in dealing with a small pet collapsing when held, as your pet likely has a serious medical condition that needs immediate attention.