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Choosing Small Pet Treats

Choosing small pet treats for your animal can be one of the most fun things you can do for your pet. Everyone enjoys a nice treat from time to time, and your small pet is no exception.

What kind of small pet do you have? If you are new to pet ownership, consider getting a manual for your pet’s species and breed to learn more about what your pet will enjoy and what is good for him. Sure, treats can be like junk food for your pet, but if you research your pet, you will be able to find a treat that is good and good for them. Remember that what is good for people is not always good for pets. One awesome choice for your pet is fresh produce, but when that is not an option or you are looking to spice things up a little, look into pre-packaged treats.

Treats come in all flavors and types for every kind of pet there is. Obviously you will want to make sure that whatever you buy is something which will suit your pet. Remember that crunchy or chewy things are great for rodents. Rodents need to keep their mouths in motion to prevent their teeth from growing rampant. If you can get a treat that your pet loves, is nutritious for her and will keep her teeth under control, you’ve met the trifecta!

Reptiles’ diets are specific to their species. Some are carnivores, some are herbivores and then there are omnivores. What is your reptile? A great treat for a reptile may be a serving of crickets, but if you aren’t the buggy type, you can look into packaged treats that are specific to your species and breed.

Birds also love a fun food treat. There are specialized seed formulas which may be a fabulous supplement and tasty snack for your bird. Birds enjoy using their beaks to chew and gnaw, so make sure that your treats are safe for your birds.

Treats are great rewards for your pets, but use caution when choosing small pet treats to ensure you get the right kind.

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