Read About Getting Rid of that Small Pet Smell

Potty training a pet can be difficult at times, but not nearly as difficult as getting rid of that small pet smell. There are many products available today which claim to remove pet odors from our homes. The big questions are whether these products will suit your needs and if your problems stem from potty training issues.

There are many ways to tell if your odor issues are due to potty training accidents. Some say to use black lights to illuminate areas where you suspect there is a presence of urine. Using these types of lights will cause urine stains to glow. The easiest way to tell is to get down on the floor and use your own nose. Smell your carpet or flooring in many locations. If you have a potty training issue, you’ll soon know thanks to your sniffer.

If you do find that your pet odor is from a potty training problem, look into natural enzyme products to help with the smells. These products are available in many different price ranges and are often quite effective. They are not a quick fix and can sometimes take several weeks to reach their full effectiveness. Follow closely the directions on the packaging and do not cut corners. If you are willing to do exactly as the container recommends, you will have a greater success rate and the odors will begin to dissipate.

If you are not sure that the problem is in your carpet, begin with your nose again. Start trying to determine where smells are at their worst. You may simply need more ventilation in a particular area, especially if you have multiple small pets contributing to your odor issues. Maybe your pet set-up has too many animals in too little space. If that is the case, consider moving the ferrets into the office, the aquarium into the family room and your birds to the dining room. Each pet needs a certain amount of air to be healthy and too many pets in a limited area can be problematic.

Rodents are known to develop odor issues, but the problems are rarely with the animals themselves. Usually the problem is that their habitat has not been properly maintained. Just as we must clean our homes, we must provide our animals with clean homes as well. This will ensure that they remain as healthy as possible. Animals continually exposed to less than idea living conditions have been proven to have shorter life spans and greater propensity toward serious illness.

In addition to enzyme treatments, there are a variety of products available to mask pet odors. They all claim to be the best. You’ll have to look into them to form your own opinion. Be careful when you look at what is on the market. Not every product is for every home. Studies have proven that some odor control products may make small pets sick. An example is that some air fresheners cause respiratory distress in birds.

Ultimately, the responsibility of getting rid of that small pet smell lies with pet owners. We should all do whatever we can to be great providers to our pets.