Read About Choosing Small Pet Toys

Choosing small pet toys is very important to the health and happiness of your pets. Pick the wrong one and it could be bad for the whole family.

When looking into small pet toys, consider the type of pet first. You’ll need to look at toys that will suit the needs of both your pet and you. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to give an artificial plant limb to a Guinea Pig. It just wouldn’t make anyone happy.

If your small animal is a rodent, look into durable toys that will withstand a large amount of chewing. Some toys are made to be chewed and others are not, so take that into account when selecting. Chewing is a natural instinct for rodents, and something they need to do regularly for their overall health. If they do not chew, their teeth will not be worn down and they will over grow causing serious problems with them for eating and normal behavior. Consider soft wood blocks as one option. Your rodents will also need a lot of exercise. Two great solutions to that are an exercise wheel and a rodent ball. Exercise wheels come in many styles and sizes for your pet. Find the one that suits their size and habitat best. Remember that it may need to be replaced from time to time thanks to wear and tear and chewing. Rodent balls are also available in different kinds. Just make sure that the one you select is big enough for your pet and big enough for you to find when he sets out on a big adventure. Check the ball for cracks and for cracks to the lid mechanism for your pet’s protection. Cracks can be the source for an escape you didn’t expect. Replace them when necessary.

If your small animal is a bird, remember that birds are intelligent and love to play. Birds will enjoy a variety of dangling objects and mirrors. They also appreciate a noisy toy on occasion. Retailers carry a variety of toys made of rope, wood and plastic for your birds to chew on, hang on and tap with their beaks. Many hook bills, like parrots, can often figure out how to disassemble their toys, so be ready to replace them regularly. Mirrors are always great company for your social bird. Often times you will see him trying to preen the bird in the mirror and he will sometimes “dance” to his own rhythm as well. Bells are also fun and you can train your bird to ring them for treats. There are also bird treat/toy combinations available. These are wonderful for keeping your bird’s mind occupied and his tummy happy.

Reptiles are often neglected in the toy arena. That doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a thoughtful gift from you. Not all reptiles will enjoy the same kind of toy, so remember that before you make your decision and investment. Iguanas might like a nice artificial bush for the back corner of his enclosure. Turtles might appreciate a wooden hut to hide in. Snakes love to hide, so think about that as well.

If you put a little effort into toy shopping for your small pet toys, you and your pet will have lots of enjoyment from your purchase.