Read About Guinea Pig Pet Care

Guinea pig pet care, and everything you need to know to take the best care of your pet is included in this article.

Guinea Pig Pet Care - Health

  1. Inoculations:

    Guinea pigs are a unique and wonderful pet and easy to maintain. Taking them for walks is unnecessary, you do not have to inoculate them and they don't even get heartworms.
  2. Vet Visits:

    The only time you would need to take your guinea pig to the vet is if it exhibited signs of eye infection and hair loss, both of which can be prevented with proper diet.
  3. Grooming:

    Guinea pigs should be bathed three to four times a year with any normal anti-dandruff shampoo.
  4. Pet Proofing Your Home:

    If you have any other pets such as a cat or dog, you have to be aware that the guinea pig could be really harmed by these pets.
  5. Environment:

    If you do have other pets, then a good sturdy and secure cage, that is out of reach of your other pets is important.
  6. Exercise:

    You can take your guinea pig out and let him run around the yard. They are not fast enough to really get away from you, but be certain that there are no dogs or cats in the yard at the same time.

Guinea Pig Pet Care - Food

  1. Type:

    Guinea pigs will eat most of the fruits and vegetables that people eat. There are some, however that you should not feed to your guinea pig and they are beetroot, rhubarb leaves, oxalis, and potatoes, flesh or peels. These foods are actually toxic to a guinea pig.
  2. Variety or Always the Same:

    If you're diligent about feeding your guinea pig good sources of vitamin C, you can mix it up any way that you like.
  3. Bowls -- Fancy or Plain:

    Guinea pigs cannot be trained very much at all, so a food bowl is not really all that necessary. Just putting the leafy greens that they love directly into the cage is all you have to do.
  4. Treats:

    Treats such as a juicy apple or carrot can be given at any time.

Guinea Pig Pet Care - Temperament

  1. Pet Temperament:

    Guinea pigs are about the tamest creature you will ever have as a pet. If you notice your guinea pig is super quiet and still, though, that is just not normal.
  2. Pet Socialization:

    Guinea pigs can be housed together in any combination of multiples as long as there is enough room in the cage. Do not over crowd.
  3. Playing With Your Pet:

    You can take your guinea pig out and walk about with it on your shoulder or in your hood. Just be careful not to allow it to get frightened. They do frighten easily.
  4. Behavior Problems:

    If you have multiple guinea pigs, you might want to keep the males away from each other by having two cages, as they will fight.
  5. Training:

    Guinea pigs love to socialize and it makes them a more interesting pet, but it is very difficult to train your guinea pig to do tricks or anything like that, but not entirely impossible.

Guinea Pig Pet Care - Supplies

  1. What You Need:

    Time is the most important thing you need for your guinea pig. Their temperament depends on being handled enough to keep it placid.
  2. What You'll Want:

    Having a buddy in the cage with it will keep your guinea pig happy when you are not around, so you might want to get another guinea pig!