Read About Window Bird Feeders

Window bird feeders are designed so people can get up close and personal with the birds they invite into their backyard.

Why should I get a bird feeder?

Any bird feeder that you get will attract some kind of wild life. Believe it or not, some bird feeders actually attract more squirrels than birds! But squirrels aside, people get bird feeders because it allows them to get a closer look at the birds that live in their neighborhood. Window bird feeders, as opposed to bird feeders that are placed in the middle of the yard, bring the birds even closer than they would be otherwise. It also provides a great, healthy, consistent source of food for your backyard friends.

Suction cup wild bird feeders

Perhaps the most popular way to get window bird feeders attached to your window is by using suction cups. The suction cups that are attached to these window bird feeders work like any other suction cups. You need to get them wet before you attach them to the window and then, because the bird feeder is so light, the suctions hold the bird feeder securely to the window.

Most suction cup window bird feeders have special adhesion to maximize the wild bird feeders’ effectiveness. After all, a bird feeder that’s lying on the ground isn’t exactly the preferred place for bird dining.

Some window bird feeder criticism

There’s a critic out there for everything, even window bird feeders. Some people don’t like window bird feeders because they don’t like the little circular suction cups that remain on the window after the bird feeder has been yanked off. Other people don’t like window bird feeders because they think they help spread bird diseases. This isn’t a completely illegitimate complaint. Naturally when animals, or humans, live in large groups, the incidence of disease increases.

Window bird feeders are kind of like a big buffet that doesn’t get cleaned. All day long you have many different birds moving in and out of the feeder, touching the seed with their mouths and body parts and then moving on. It’s not the most sanitary way to feed and because germs spread from bird to bird, it’s an easy way to spread a disease. However, many birds live in large flocks or colonies, so by nature they’re more prone to sharing and spreading disease. If you’re worried about perpetuating bird disease with your window bird feeders, make sure to clean the feeder and replace the old seed with new seed at least once a week.